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  • Training the Mossberg 590 Shockwave
    In 2017, Mossberg introduced the first mainstream version of the “Other” category of shotgun-like firearms in the United States.  “Other” refers to this firearm’s classification under federal law.  Due to the confusing and at times contradictory language of various laws, the smoothbore with whippet-type grip, 14” barrel and overall length greater than 26”, defies classification. … Read more: Training the Mossberg 590 Shockwave
  • When Less Is More
    When training for a physical competition or event, many motivated indivduals believe that a maximum performance can only result from maximum practice. Indeed, the training literature (internet especially) is bombarded with “high-intensity workouts”, and training plans filled with such high-stress sessions several times a week. What is missing is the concept of context. My observation… Read more: When Less Is More

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