Physical Fitness Evaluation

Test your physical fitness for a law enforcement position. We are familiar with all major law enforcement testing requirements. You’ll be given the FBI Physical Fitness Test, under the exact same conditions and test protocols. This is usually conducted in a group setting. Individual post-test evaluation will highlight your strengths, and suggested areas for improvement.

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Individual Fitness Improvement Plan

Have a roadmap for success. Based on your Physical Fitness Evaluation, we prepare a phased and structured plan for your fitness development and improvement. We instruct and guide you in using the best methods, good nutrition and principles of physical stress and recovery. Our focus is for you to achieve your fitness and career goals.

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Basic Firearms Safety

Learn the essential elements of safe firearms handling, use and storage. Child-safe your home and surroundings. Understand how firearms operate, and be introduced to basic shooting skills. These are individual or group classes.

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Individual Shooting Instruction

Become proficient in rifle, shotgun or handgun shooting. We have considerble experience in a variety of shooting discplines and pursuits, including informal target shooting, competition, hunting and self-defense.

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